Estate Cleaning

Cowley RMO is committed to providing a high quality estate cleaning service.
This charter sets out the standards you can expect from us and how you can help us meet these standards.

  • Litter and dog waste bins – Emptied at least once a week
  • Bulk waste collection service – A full collection of bulky items dumped on the estate will be carried out twice per week, on a Tuesday and Thursday
  • Human excrement – Will be cleared on the same day it is reported
  • Dead Animals- Will be collected and disposed of on the same day they are reported.
  • Dog Fouling -Will be removed on the same day the request is received
  • Refuse Bins – Emptied three times a week. Bin chambers deep cleaned every three months
  • Communal Balconies – Swept at least twice a week and washed at least once every six weeks
  • Lift Lobby’s and London Electricity Board (LEB) cupboards on balconies – Will be cleaned at least annually
  • Communal Stairs – Swept at least twice a week, mopped at least once every six weeks with communal window cleaning taking place quaterly
  • Communal Walk Ways– Swept at least twice a week
  • Graffiti – removed within 24 hours of being reported; offensive or racist graffiti removed the same day
  • Abandoned Vehicles – Vehicles that do not pose any risk to the public will be removed within 7 days of being reported
  • Hazardous Vehicles (for instance, those that are burnt out or in a dangerous position) will be removed within 24 hours of being reported
  • Fly Tipping – Removed within 48 hours of being reported
  • Trip Hazards – Hazards highlighted for repair and made safe the same day the request is received
  • Spillages in Communal Areas – Removed the same day as reported
  • Inspections – Property inspections will take place on a fortnightly basis; estate walkabouts held quarterly. All residents are invited to attend quarterly estate inspections.
  • Grassed areas – Will be cut at least three times a month between April and September
  • Abandoned vehicles that fail to comply with Cowley regulations will be removed, Cowley regulations include: Valid Road Tax, Up to date MOT or Valid Cowley resident’s or visitors permit.

You can help us improve our service by:

  • Reporting incidents to the estate office
  • Telling us your concerns regarding the estate cleaning
  • Showing consideration for your neighbours by disposing of your household rubbish in the steel bins provided
  • Treating employees of the RMO the same way you wish to be treated