Nuisance and Anti-Social Behaviour

Cowley RMO deals with a wide range of issues relating to our residents. We will aim to treat all residents the same and will not discriminate against anyone. This charter sets out what you can expect from us when you report acts of anti-social behaviour.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable behaviour which can cause a nuisance or annoyance to other people.

Anti-social behaviour covers a range of activities that affect people’s enjoyment of their homes and neighbourhoods and may include:

  • noise
  • graffiti
  • abandoned vehicles
  • drug or alcohol related nuisance
  • verbal abuse, and
  • Harassment
We want you to be happy in your home and local community and take anti-social behaviour seriously.

Anti-social behaviour is a serious breach of the Tenancy agreement all tenants sign when they move into one of our homes.

The Tenants and Homeowner Handbooks, Tenancy agreement and the Your safety service guide give full details of:

  • your rights as a resident
  • details of the legal action we may take against people who commit anti-social behaviour, and
  • contact details for support services available to people who have experienced anti-social behaviour, nuisance or abuse