Our Community

Our community at a glance as at 24th January 2014
Cowley Estate is home to a thriving and culturally diverse community. Lambeth Housing Management provides regularly updated statistics on the demographic make-up of tenants of Lambeth Council homes.

Data is not available for leaseholders. The information below is extracted from the January 2014 statistics and shows the ethnic breakdown as follows:

All Tenancies by Race: % of Totals

Black Asian Other Mixed White Not Known TOTAL Black & Ethnic Minority
55 % 3% 6% 3% 26% 7% 64%

The majority of black tenants are from a black African background followed by black Caribbean. White tenants include a majority of white British and a significant white Portuguese population.

Whilst the vast majority (81%) of tenants, are aged between 25 years and 64 years, there is a significant older population aged 65 years or older of nearly 15%.

No. and % of Tenants Ages

Under 25 Years Old 14 3.8%
25 to 44 Years Old 163 44.5%
45 to 64 Years Old 133 36.3%
65 Years and Older 54 14.8%
Age Not Known 2 0.5%
TOTAL 366 100%

2% (8) tenants are listed as vulnerable or disabled and 5 of these have a physical disability although no wheelchair users are listed.