Pets in Your Home

Pets Dog ownership appears to be on the rise on our estates. As a nation of dog lovers that could be a good thing but we’re also seeing an increase in reports of dog nuisance.

We’ve recently been alerted to cases of dogs barking at unsocial hours, dog fouling in communal areas and, occasionally, dogs having been used to frighten our residents.

The Dogs Trust explains: “The way that a dog behaves is more to do with how it is brought up than anything else, including its breed.”

It’s clear then that we can’t blame our dogs if they’re misbehaving – it’s all down to us! But Tenancy Enforcement believe that some problems are due to lack of knowledge. We, therefore, produced a pets and dogs policy.
This policy includes clear guidelines on dog ownership and sets out requirements that include dog micro-chipping and a dog audit to encourage responsible dog ownership.

Our 2013 Tenancy Conditions includes detailed rules relating specifically to pet ownership. A resident must get permission from Cowley RMO to keep a dog and this will only be granted by us if the property is suitable.

All dogs must be micro-chipped and we require your up-to-date details.

Dog ownership permission can be withdraw at any time if you do not follow the guidelines for responsible dog ownership.