Positive or Negative Feedback

Feedback Has a member of the Cowley team done something great you would like to shout about?
Then come into the office and complete the Cowley RMO positive feedback form.
We recognise that from time to time things do go wrong.
Cowley RMO encourages residents’ suggestions, concerns and complaints about any of the services we provide. Your views matter to us. Letting us know about any difficulties you have had helps us to improve the services Cowley RMO provide. Cowley RMO would also like to know if you have received a good service. Cowley RMO welcomes compliments when they are deserved, and we will gladly pass them on to the staff responsible.

How to complain

Our complaint’s procedure has two stages:

Pre-Stage 1: The informal approach

If you have a problem with the way Cowley RMO manage or maintain residents’ homes or services you should firstly discuss it with the estate office. Our staff will be happy to talk over complaints or suggestions, and most problems can be dealt with on the spot.

Stage 1: A written complaint

If you remain unhappy, you should put the complaint in writing. Cowley RMO would prefer it if you used the standard form provided for this purpose, returning it in the envelope marked confidential to the Estate Director. If you would like to make an appointment for an officer to write a complaint on your behalf, please contact the estate office.
However, if you would prefer to telephone through a complaint, or call at our office, then this is perfectly acceptable. Cowley RMO staff will make careful note of any formal complaint using one of our forms as a record.
Residents can also make a complaint through our board members or through external agencies, solicitors, CAB etc. You may also bring someone along with you to any meeting, for example a friend or relative, but please let us know beforehand.

What happens after you have made a complaint?

All formal complaints are recorded confidentially. Cowley RMO will send an acknowledgement within three working days of receipt, giving the name of the person who is dealing with the complaint, and a reference number. This will usually be the Estate Director.
You should receive a formal response within 10 working days. In some cases, where complaints are very complicated, Cowley RMO may need longer. Cowley RMO will explain the reasons for the delay and say when you can expect a full reply.
Occasionally Cowley RMO may suggest mediation or arbitration as the best way to resolve a dispute.

Pre-Stage 2:

Having received our formal response, if you are still not satisfied, you should write to the Secretary of the Board. You may ask for a personal meeting with a panel of the Board, the Board will decide if this is appropriate.
You should always follow our procedure through to the end before you take an outstanding complaint elsewhere.

Stage 2:

If you need to take the matter further, you can contact London Borough of Lambeth complaints unit on 0207 926 3497 or you can also contact the local Government Ombudsman, an independent investigator, about your complaint.
This service is independent and is available to those individuals who feel that they have been treated unfairly by a local authority. The Ombudsman will however, only investigate complaints which have already been considered under the Council’s own complaints procedure. The Ombudsman can deal with complaints about the manner in which decisions were made (maladministration) but cannot investigate a matter that is already subject to legal proceedings. Please write to:
The Independent Housing Ombudsman Scheme
81 Aldwych House
Tel: 0300 111 3000
Fax: 020 7831 1942
Minicom 020 7404 7092


Summary of Complaints code of practice

Cowley RMO recognises the importance of having a simple and effective complaints procedure.
The code of practice
Publicity- Cowley RMO will tell all residents about our complaints procedure, and forms will be readily available in our offices. Complaints will be positively received.
Ease of use
Cowley RMO will treat all complaints confidentially. Cowley RMO will not pass information on to third parties or other residents without getting the permission of the person complaining.

• Acknowledgement and response times

Cowley RMO will acknowledge all complaints within three working days. The aim at each stage of the complaint’s procedure is to give a response within 10 days of receipt.

• Positive response

Cowley RMO view complaints as important feedback on the services we provide. When a complaint has been investigated and fault has been found, Cowley RMO will contact the resident and will apologise where appropriate; provide compensation where the circumstances merit this; and solve the problem as soon as possible.

• Appeals

Cowley RMO has three simple stages in our internal complaints procedure to make sure that matters are dealt with quickly.

Learning from mistakes

Lessons can be learnt from the complaints Cowley RMO receive. Where Cowley RMO finds shortcomings in our existing arrangements, it will try to improve our systems and procedures.

Welcoming suggestions

The complaint form also provides an opportunity for residents to suggest alternative ways in which Cowley RMO might operate. Cowley RMO will consider these, and act upon them where appropriate.


Cowley RMO will monitor the complaints received and make regular reports to the Board and London Borough of Lambeth.

Annual report and review

Cowley RMO will produce an annual report of the complaints process for the main Board and publish a summary. Cowley RMO will review the complaints procedure regularly.
If you require a copy of our complaint’s procedure in other languages, large print, audio or Braille please contacts the Estate Office.